Our General Bishop

Bishop K.R. & Lady Anner Brown
Bishop K.R. & Lady Anner Brown

Our General Bishop

Bishop K.R. Brown is a product of Lakeland, Florida born to the late Mrs. Eloise Morris. He was educated in the Polk County Schools System and is a graduate of Kathleen High School. Bishop Brown furthered his education at the United Bible College & Theological Seminary earning an Associate Degree, Bachelor of Theology, and Master of Theology Degree respectively. In addition, he has obtained numerous certifications from the United American Freewill Baptist Church, Inc. D.L. Bright Institute.

The fine Christian character obtained by Bishop Brown in his youth can be seen today in his modest, consistent Christian life that is demonstrated in the wonderful and helpful manner in which he displays. His wide ranging experience include Assistant Pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church, where he also served as Associate Minister, Deacon, Chairman of Trustees, Sunday School Teacher, President of Ushers Board, and an active choir member. This wide range of experiences allowed God to enlarge Bishop’s territory in November 1997, the year Bishop Brown was ordained and installed as the Pastor of the Mt. Pilgrim Freewill Baptist Church of Brooksville, FL. For fifteen years he served and proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Under his leadership Mt. Pilgrim experienced growth numerically, financially, and spiritually. As he served his
congregation the Lord continued to propel Pastor Brown into yet another level of ministry. June 29, 2006, Pastor Brown was consecrated to the sacred office of Bishop in the United American Freewill Baptist Church, Inc.

Kingdom building has always been his main interest and he is totally involved locally and nationally as a dynamic man of vision, leadership, integrity, and compassion. To date Bishop Brown has and is serving as Financial Secretary of the National Convention of Freewill Baptists, U.S.A., Past Financial Secretary of the United American Freewill Baptist Conference, Inc., Past President of South Florida (A) District Union #2, Past Chairman of the Board of Bishops of the South Florida (A) Annual Conference, Past President of the Y.P.C.L., Treasurer of the Sunday School Convention, 2nd Vice Annual Bishop of the South Florida (A) Annual Conference and 1st Vice General Bishop of United American Freewill Baptist Church, Inc. He is a member of the Interdenominational Ministers Alliance, Inc. of Lakeland, FL (IMA).

As the Lord remains sovereign, He continues to blow and breathe on the ministry of Bishop Brown. In the favor of our God, he has excelled to yet another level of ministry as he now serves as the General Bishop of the of United American Freewill Baptist Conference, eighth in succession.

Bishop Kenneth Brown and Lady Anner Brown are the proud parents of four children also, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This couple also serves as surrogate parents to many other children in both their church and community.

As a pastor, he possesses gifts that only God can bestow upon an individual. God continues to use Bishop Brown to do incredible things through his service to mankind. He is a man with a vision, strict to business, faithful to duty and continues to affect the community through this spiritual journey, while changing the hearts of people. His consistency in kingdom building has propelled him into another assignment as he now serves as the eighth succeeding Pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Freewill Baptist Church, Inc., of Lakeland, Florida.

He is resolutely committed to outreach, by proving programs and resources to the less fortunate. He believes the Great Commission of the Church is to go and make disciples of every man. His vision incorporates his belief that for the 21st-century church to be successful we must incorporate evangelism discipleship and church planting as integral priorities in our ministry strategies and it is the church that has the awesome responsibility of transforming sinners into saints, the helpless into the helpful and believers into Christians.

Bishop Brown has genuine and distinct passion for teaching, and serving the people of God. His thriving ministry has a practical Word that connects with an ever-changing generation. He is a man with a heart for God and God’s people.

Bishop Brown’s Motto: No Cross No Crown…. The Cross represents Salvation being Free to All; The Crown represents The Royal Priesthood.